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From the Gutter to Government - LGBT history walk

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If you´re in search of ideas on what to do once in town, a walk through Reykjavik's LGBT history is something highly recommends. Hilmar Magnusson organizer and tour guide helps you to discover the hidden and murky sides of yesterday's Reykjavi­k and gives you some insight into three decades of struggle for human rights in Iceland, the path from bigotry to tolerance. Hear stories from the sleazy taverns of the past, meet the queer bohemians, the 19th century high school boys, the American soldiers, the Redstockings lesbians, the poets, the artists, the activists and the politicians and learn how LGBT people have risen from the gutter and emerged at the very top of Icelandic politics.

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Gay History Walk

Gay Walk

Learn about the gay culture and the struggle for human rights for Icelandic queers dating back to the 19th century. Nightlife, politics, literature and music - all connected with the existence of LGBT people in Reykjavík. Also, a close look on a few renowned gay individuals in the history of Iceland. The Gay culture in Reykjavik has, until very recently, been hidden to the public eye. The aim of the Gay Historical Walks is to shed some light on that very interesting part of Reykjavik life. There are numerous interesting places and stories to be told in the city centre.

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Cultural tour through the very hub of Reykjavik

Birna ÞórðarA city walk with Birna Thordardottir is a fun experience and a special one.  Visiting places you would otherwise never visit, listen to stories from the past and get to know the other (queer) side of Reykjavik. Birna´s knowledge of the cultural dimensions of both country and people, along with her connections to the very hub of downtown Reykjavík make her the perfect companion.

Experience Reykjavík downtown through the cat´s eyes by following its paths. Bits and pieces about the past and the present of Reykjavík´s alleys, streets and its people. The cat is awake when others sleep, therefore early hours are not excluded! 

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Whale Watching


Ever since its foundation in 2000, Elding has been an actively LGBT friendly company, emphasizing warm welcomes and a friendly approach. The company specializes in whale watching tours and other adventures at sea around Reykjavík. The company is currently the largest whale watching operator in Iceland and is conveniently located in the old harbour of Reykjavik.

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