queer center

If you´re in search of ideas on what to do once in town, a walk through Reykjavik's LGBT history is something Gayice.is highly recommends. Hilmar Magnusson organizer and tour guide helps you to discover the hidden and murky sides of yesterday's Reykjavi­k and gives you some insight into three decades of struggle for human rights in Iceland, the path from bigotry to tolerance. Hear stories from the sleazy taverns of the past, meet the queer bohemians, the 19th century high school boys, the American soldiers, the Redstockings lesbians, the poets, the artists, the activists and the politicians and learn how LGBT people have risen from the gutter and emerged at the very top of Icelandic politics.

Hilmar Magnusson was born in Isafjordur in 1976 and lives and works in downtown Reykjavik. He holds a BA degree in architecture from the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark and a MA degree in International Relations from the University of Iceland. Hilmar has been politically active since his teens and taken part in the Icelandic LGBT movement for many years. Hilmar is offering history and culture walk in Icelandic as in English and length of the tour is approximately an hour and a half.  Visit  LBGT History walk Facebook pages to learn more about the tour and book a tour!