Reykjavik is a spread out city with the city center not very densely populated. It is easy to navigate the city by foot, bicycle, public transport or car. If you are planning to spend some time in the city and you dont have a car we reccommend staying in 101 Reykjavik (city center) or very close to 101. Public transport (called Strætó) is fairly good (some say just acceptable), with a network of buses serving Reykjavik and its suburbs, while taxis are always available. 

The local gay scene in Reykjavik is small but open and friendly. Local gay venues are usually mixed so expect to see gays and straight people partying together. Clubs and bars come and go with the exception of the Queer center on Laugavegur 3, 4th floor,  open Thursday evenings from 8 pm. The Queer Center, also known as Samtökin '78 has a little cafe and a library with variety of books, DVDs and Magazines. 

Check out gay bars and clubs to to whats open and where to go.  Visit Reykjavik Tourist Center for more general information about the city.