After years of just one annual drag show in Reykjavik things changed in October 2015 when a three friends decided to form a group and do a monthly show. Recently the celebrated the second anniversary and are still going strong. They have added another monthly Drag-Lab night with a more experimental program and a weekly Lipsync Karaoke every Sunday night at Queer Club Kiki. Loft Hostel has hosted a monthly Drag Extravaganza with local artists and drag queens they have flown in.

Now we have a new group of drag queens entering this blossoming scene called The house of Strike. contacted their spokesperson Jackie Moon.

“Drag-Súgur is a big community of all kinds of wonderful drag people, and as an organization it has gone from fun and games to being truly professional. It's a real light-tower in the Icelandic drag scene.”

“The House of Strike is different. It is a group of six close friends, who met through Drag-Súgur and we decided it would be fun to have our own show. We are kind of all tied together by the fact that we are being mothered and smothered by Pixy Strike. That's also why we picked that name for the group. “

“We are maybe also tied together by the fact that we all tend to be on the raunchy side of sexy compared to the general drag population. We like being nasty and not taking ourselves to seriously.“

“We are 5 drag queens; Pixy Strike, James the Creature, Wonda Starr, Tiffany with a C and Jackie Moon and one host Kat McDougal. “

“We don't really have any other ambitions right now than to tear the house down at Gaukruinn on December 1st and 15th. We're doing these two shows and are planning on doing more in 2018. “

“Hopefully this can be a monthly thing like Drag-Súgur and DragLab, meaning that there would be drag shows at Gaukurinn three times a month, which would be wonderful. The more drag in Reykjavik, the better.”

Below you can see a few teasers they put together for the first show.

house of strike logo


Pixy Strike


Stick shift, that's what I like ? #dragsugur #mehronqueen #dragart #dragqueen #jackoff

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Jackie Moon Teaser


Wonda Starr Teaser


Tiffany Teaser