H Torfa

Two things happen for sure during the fall. The leaves come off and Hörður Torfa invites you to his concert. This year´s concert takes place in Borgarleikhús (City Theater), September 11. Concert starts 8 p.m.

Hörður Torfa has been admired and respected artist since he released his first LP back in 1970 and has released over 20 albums. But Hörður is not only well know for his music. In 1975 he came out to the public as a gay man in a famous interview  which left the nation in a total shock. After the interview he found himself forced to leave the country but not for long. Since then Hörður Torfa has been on thee front line as an activist fighting for human rights. His contributuion to the icelandic gay rights movement is an important one influencing the foundation of Samtökin '78, The Lesbian and Gay Organisation of Iceland in 1978.