Since 2005 BEARS ON ICE has established itself as one of Iceland´s biggest LGBTI+ events, welcoming guests from all over the world to celebrite life and have fun for a few days in the world´s northermost capital. BEARS ON ICE is a non-for-profit event, organized by team of volunteers. From the very beginning the event has supported the local LGBT community and this year BEARS ON ICE proudly supports HIV Iceland by donating ISK 300.000 ($2.600) to the organization.

HIV-Ísland was formed December 5th 1988 and has played a key role in providing education, social help and support in Iceland. Being a small organization HIV-Iceland is depended on charities and private funding. “Being able to help and support is one of the most rewarding thing to do. "We feel obliged to support the local community, and with our donation we want to highlight the importance of all the great work and effort by HIV Iceland, remind us of the importance of an organization like HIV-Iceland and simply say thank you” says Frosti Jonsson, one of the BEARS ON ICE organizers.

HIV-Ísland runs a small Community Center in Reykjavik open Mondays-Thursdays, providing counselling, support groups, free condoms and also provide free educational programs for individuals, schools and local businesses, a yearly seminar. Their never ending task is fighting for the human rights of HIV positives, visibility, education, support and cooperation with all levels of society; drug addicts, health workers, families, politicians etc.

Picture: Frosti Jónsson (BEARS ON ICE), Einar Þór Jónsson (HIV-Ísland), Sigrún Grendal (Chairman, HIV-Ísland), Páll Guðjónsson (BEARS ON ICE)