Pink Iceland invites you to meet some of Iceland´s best known LGBT+ artists at a series of mini events taking place this summer. The first event kicks off June 1st with the Icelandic Singer Elín Ey, who became known to the public after her first album release “See you in Dreamland” in 2008, performing.

The last event is scheduled August 24th with a special Pride Edition during Reykjavik Pride Weekend August 7-12th. In addition to Elín Ey, artists Soffía Björg, Anna Margrét and A Band Called Eva are to perform.

Upcoming events:

1 June: Elín Ey
15 June: Soffía Björg 
29 June: Elín Ey
13 July: Anna Margrét Káradóttir 
27 July: Soffía Björg 
10 August: Pride Edition!
24 August: Hljómsveitin Eva / A Band Called Eva