Since he arrived in 2015 Jono Duffy has steadily become a favorite for stand-up comedy crowds in Iceland but it’s been a while since he did a solo solo show and a lot has happened. In the time since he last graced the stage of Tjarnabíó with his sold out 2018 show ‘I wouldn’t date me either,’ Jono has hosted a late night chat show, taken his French boyfriend to Australia to meet the family, started training for a half marathon, and has been touring Europe with Hugleikur Dagsson. In this comedy catch up, he will dish on all the goings on of the past year.

Jono is still Iceland’s only openly gay comedian, and in this show, he is joined by a special guest; Iceland’s only openly lesbian comedian, Kimi Tayler.

See them on May 3rd when he will do a one night only show that is going to be a great catch up, filled with the charming, irreverent observations Jono has become known for.

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