Drag superstars  Heklina og Peaches Christ are bringing their hit show "MOMMIE QUEEREST" to Reykjavik Pride! Also starring Páll Óskar, Gógó Starr and Faye Knús, this show is an outrageous and hilarious drag parody of the American cult film "Mommie Dearest" starring Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford. While the movie itself chronicles the darkly abusive mother / daughter relationship between Joan and Christina Crawford, it also became an unintentional camp comedy touchstone when Queer Men in the U.S. embraced it due to Faye Dunaway's deliciously over-the-top performance as Joan. The hilariously bad dialogue and “what were they thinking” screenplay added to the mix, and to this day Faye Dunaway’s career has never recovered. Poor Joan Crawford herself is more closely associated with this film than any of the actual films she starred in when she was Queen of Hollywood. Every Halloween, Gay Men still recreate the monster-like costume of a demented Joan, in a bathrobe, face covered in cold-cream, screaming “No Wire Hangers!”

In the drag stage-show, aging star Peaches Christ must do something to boost her public appeal and so in a desperate attempt to attract attention she adopts a brand new drag daughter, Hek-tina. Peaches promises to give her new drag daughter all the things she never had but young Hek-tina quickly learns that her drag mother is a mentally abusive wreck. Hek-tina begins to secretly plan to take her mother down. Poor Palli the maid is stuck in the middle, and seeks help from brother Christopher (Gógó Starr), and journalist Faye Knús. 

Come out and witness this hilarious horror show about child abuse! But leave your wire hangers at home...

The show is on August 15th 2019 in Tjarnarbíó. Tickets available at TIX.is

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2207506835998310/