Album Broken is the outcome of two collaborating gay artists teaming up, producer and song writer Bistro Boy & vocalist Bjartmar Thordarson. Meeting up with a set of ideas, Bistro Boy and Bjartmar created Broken, an Electropop album about lost love, broken hearts and never losing hope.

Bistro Boy (Frosti Jonsson) found his spiritual home in electronic music after dropping out of classical piano lessons, which liberated him from sticking only to black dots on paper. His latest solo release was the critically acclaimed album "Píanó í þokunni" (Piano in the mist), release October, 2018. Bjartmar Thordarson is an actor/director, singer and composer. His most recent Solo release is the EP album Deliria (2018), where he experiments with a dark, synth infused throwback style. Joined with Bistro Boy by a mutual love of electronica and freedom from the classical. 

Bistro Boy & Bjartmar next schedule concert is at Gaukurinn, June 29thListen to Broken on Spotify