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Delightful Sundae: Dragsúgur drag show to open with support from Australia

  • Published: 17 November 2015

Iceland needs more drag and we´re getting more drag with a little bit of support from Australia. A group of Icelandic performers are claiming the stage this Friday at Gaukurinn and putting on a show to lit up Iceland´s lack of daylight with Australian standup comedian Jonathan Duffy hosting the night. “I think audiences can expect to have an amazing night with a huge variety of performers. It's so exciting to have a night like this here in Reykjavík and I know punters will leave smiling and maybe even wake up the next morning with a sore head” says Jonathan Duffy host of the night.

So what brought an Australian Stand Up Comedian to Iceland?

"Unfortunately my journey to Iceland is about as cliché as they come" says Jono Duffy. "I got out of a very long relationship and was looking for a place to start over. I literally picked the furthest place you could possibly get from Australia. All of my comedy and cabaret friends thought I was nuts because I already had an established career, but I wanted to give it a shot. I've only been here three months but already I don't think I've been busier in my life. The comedy scene here in Iceland is very young and at a point where it's just starting to get bigger. I couldn't have picked a better time, and being the only gay, Australian comedian has meant that some weeks I'm gigging almost every night”.

Jonathan Duffy

Dragsúgur´s first of (hopefully) many event

Friday night´s event will be the first Dragsugur event but more are scheduled in the near future. Among Performers the opening night is Gogo Starr, Dragqueen of Iceland 2015, along with more lovable queerlings and the cherry on top of this delightful sundae is none other than THE Pop Diva of Iceland: Páll Óskar. So you better break out the gala dress, plaster your face, glue on your lashes and find the tallest wig you available and come to Gaukurinn on the 20th of November and have a gay old time!

For those who wants to skip the queue you can get a pre-sale ticket by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The house opens at 19:00 and the performance starts at 21:00. Visit Dragsugur Facebook Page for more information about the event and future events.


The Bears give back to the community

  • Published: 20 October 2015

BEARS ON ICE is a not-for-profit event, organized by volunteers to spice up the local gay scene and introduce gay-friendly Iceland to our guests. With no budget for promotion the event has grown year by year by word of mouth and good reputation. From the very beginning in 2005 supporting the local LGBT community has always been a mission. This year´s event was the biggest in its history enabling the team to donate ISK 400.000 (around $3200) to the National HIV Organization of Iceland, HIV-Ísland.

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Longest running Childrens TV show in Iceland talks about being Gay

  • Published: 19 October 2015

The longest running children's TV show in Iceland, "Stundin okkar" which is run on National State Television (RUV) aired a frank and open conversation about sexuality, more specificly, about the fact that some people are gay and not everyone is straight.  Gay Pop icon Paul Oscar (Páll Óskar) was invited to the show to perform and part of the show involved an open conversation between him and the host about sexuality where Paul Oscar told the host that he doesn´t get chrushes on girls and further explaining the fact that some boys like boys and some girls like girls.

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Samtökin '78 New Community Center Opens

  • Published: 03 October 2015

Samtökin '78, Iceland´s National Queer Organization, has opened their new community center on Suðurgata 3 in Reykjavik´s city center. "This is a new beginning" says Auður Magndís Auðardóttir general manager. "It has taken us a while to get our new home in order but we´re very happy it´s all done and now we´re able to get back on track says Auður Magndís. "We´re still to find our strengths again after being homeless for a while but we´ve already scheduled regular events at the new community center including Open house every Thursday night from 20-23 (everyone welcomed) and Youth group meetings every sunday at 19:30 for kids aged 14-20 years old.

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The State Church is discriminating against same sex couples and breaking the law.

  • Published: 27 September 2015

The recent story of a US clerk Kim Davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples rightfully made a lot of fuzz around the globe and was seen as test to a US Supreme Court ruling that has given homosexuals the right to marry in the USA. In 2010 the Icelandic Parliament approved unanimously marriage legislation to include matrimony between same sex couples (man and man, woman and woman), upgrading same sex marriage to be fully equal with marriage.

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Get Ready For The Bears

  • Published: 16 August 2015

BEARS ON ICE, Iceland´s annual bear event, is just around the corner, but the festival kicks off September 3rd with a Welcome Party at Iðusalir in Reykjavik´s city Center. Over 150 bears and friends from all over the world are coming for the event in September to enjoy what Iceland has to offer including sight seeing tours, visit to the world famous Blue lagoon and some partying as well.  

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Reykjavik Pride Opening Ceremony

  • Published: 07 August 2015

Reykjavik Pride  Opening Ceremony took place last night at Harpa (August 6th, 2015) with local and international artists performing. For over a decade, the Reykjavík Pride Opening Ceremony has been one of the festival’s most popular events showcasing the talents of a variety of artists, but also a yearly gathering of the extended queer family in Iceland. Here are a few photos from Reykjavik Gay Pride Opening Ceremony (pictures by Pall Gudjonsson). 

Queens and Kings in drag battle for the Crown

  • Published: 06 August 2015

draggkeppni 2015

Reykjavik Pride week has started with all sorts of events and activities taking place in Reykjavik for a few days. Last night Iceland´s most entertaining competition took place at the old Opera with kings and queens in drag taking on a battle of the crowns.  Handsome Dave and Queen GóGó Starr walked away with the trophies leaving the crowd gagging on all the eleganza. Check out the pictures from last night competition "Draggkeppni Íslands" (Pictures By Pall Gudjonsson)

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