Rainbow Reykjavik can be labeled as Reykjavik´s LGBTQI+ Winter Pride Festival welcoming guests from all over the world to have fun in Reykjavik for a few days. The program offers a great mixture of nature, activities, culture, cuisine, music & nightlife & is an excellent excuse for a mid-winter visit to the world´s northernmost capital, Reykjavik.


The festival starts Thursday February 11th with a Welcome Party and a few other activities on the menu including Welcome dinner and Northern Lights tour. Other events are Blue lagoon tour, City Tour, Golden Circle tour to name a few items on the list. The highlight of the event is the Saturday Pink Masquerade Party which as become one of the most popular LGBTQI events in town.

Rainbow Reykjavik 2013 from Pink Iceland on Vimeo.

Visit Rainbow Reykjavik website for more information, program and registration.