Reykjavik Gay Pride is a unique event in the LGBTworld community with  thousands coming to the city center for the parade and the outdoor concert after the parade. The dates for Reykjavik Gay Pride 2009 are August 6 - 9. The Gay Pride benefit dances are an importand financial support to the Reykjavik Gay Pride.

The dates for 2009 Pride benefit dances are: 

Thursday 30 April from 11 pm.
Club 101 - DJ Gudfedgin. Special offers at the bar.
Admission 1,000 ISK

Sunday 31 May at midnight
Dances of the sexes:
Girl's Dance at Club Barbara - DJ Glimmer
Boy's Dance at Q-Bar - DJ Lingerine
Admission 1,000 ISK

Saturday 4 July at Club NASA
The Mega Benefit Dance with DJ Paul Oscar
Admission 1.800 ISK