Reykjavik Gay Pride has elected a new board of directors during its meeting last month, March 24th. One of the longest sitting chairman and one of the event founding father, Þorvaldur Kristinsson, has stepped aside as a Vice Chairman with Eva Maria Thorarinsdottir taking his place. The newly elected board of directors shows that the Organization is still fresh and fierce with young people getting involved and working hard to make one of Iceland´s most important event take place. sends best wishes to the newly elected board memebers Jón Kjartan Ágústsson, Kristín Sævarsdóttir, Eva Maria-Glimmer Þorarinsdottir Lange, Gunnlaugur Bragi and Baldvin Kári (see above picture).  Reykjavik Gay Pride has been a huge success since first launched in 1999 and since then it has been growing every year. Now, Reykjavik Gay Pride is one of Iceland´s biggest festival. The date for Reykjavik Gay Pride 2013 is August 8-13.

Visit Reykjavik Gay Pride website for more information about the event.