Páll Óskar is Iceland’s biggest gay icons in addition to being one of our biggest music stars. He made international fame when he sang in Eurovision in 1997 with very sensual dancers dressed up in latex.

Last September he put his most amazing pop concert yet in Laugardalshöll. The stage was specially built for the music hall and they went “all in” where it came to artistic production and costumes – promising to making the concert an experience you will never forget. And they succeded, check out the video.

And now they are going to repeat the show just this one time on December 30th. The evening concert is about two hours but earlier in the day there will be a special family-friendly concert for people of all ages. They will be about 45 minutes shorter and the tickets are half the price.

Tickets available at tix.is



After receiving endless support and encouragement we have decided to repeat Páll Óskar’s stadium show on Saturday, December 30th. The biggest, greatest and most fabulous show Iceland has never seen will be set up again, just as it was before, so now everyone has a chance to experience this amazing event.

Páll Óskar (a.k.a. Paul Oscar) will perform all his greatest hits, from 1991 to 2017, with a band of five and a whole lot of dancers. The stage is specially built for the music hall. We will go “all in” where it comes to artistic production and costumes – making this concert an experience you will never forget.

Bombs, LED sticks, LED lights, LED balls, life-rafts, and sofas are all a part of it … and yes, the audience will get LED wristbands, making them an integrate part of the show!

Once again, Höllin will burst into beautiful and pure joy, oozing with glitz and glamour like no one other than Páll Óskar can do.

pall oskar i hollinni