The Hump Day Social is back and the next event is at Jörgensen on June 16th from 19:00. 

"It’s time for a revival, to come out of Covid and meet again. Let’s dust off and get social, celebrating our friendship and new connections over a drink and a chat. Together with Bangsafélagið we welcome you all to the first Hump Day Social of the year. We will meet at Jörgensen on June 16 from 19:00. See you then!"

The Hump Day Social is a monthly event for gay men to meet up. The location changes each month. The hope is to create a positive space for gay men to raise a glass with each other.

Reykjavik Bear is a men only event for Bears and their admireres. If you identify as male and like Bears or you are a bear then this is for you! The event will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on 2.-5. september 2021.

Check out their website: