A large number of Icelanders are now vaccinated against Covid19, infections are rare and most restrictions have been lifted. The next months are looking great here in Iceland and the biggest party of them might just be Reykjavík Pride 2021.

The organisers recently announced that Reykjavík Pride will be held on August 3rd – 8th and they "could not be more excited about it!"

"After most events and celebrations had to be cancelled last year, the board has been working hard to organise the next festival according to official regulations. We are happy to announce that we are planning to celebrate Reykjavík Pride in its full glory, with a parade and all manners of excitement."

"The theme this year is “Queers of all ages” and you can expect diverse entertainment, educational- and cultural events catered for different age groups."

Check their website for updates: hinsegindagar.is/en/

And their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/reykjavikpride

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