Samtökin '78 held a demonstration in solidarity with Italian queer families Sunday, August 27. About 50 persons attended the event.

“Since coming to power, Giorgia Meloni's government has worked against queer people and especially their family rights in the name of a 'traditional' family pattern. For several years, some Italian cities have registered the children of same-sex couples conceived abroad so that both mothers or both fathers are considered the child's parents on the birth certificate. Giorgia Meloni has completely opposed this and issued an order to cities to stop such registrations, arguing that only the 'biological' mothers of children should be registered in official birth certificates. In at least in one city, mothers who did not give birth to their children have already been removed from previously issued certificates, upsetting their rights and the rights of their children.”

“This is a brutal attack on Italian queer people and their children. Giorgia Meloni's government sets a dangerous precedent in a European Union country that not only affects Italian families, but also restricts the freedom of travel and residence of Icelandic families in Europe.”

“That's why Icelandic queer families are planning to crowd the square in front of Harpa on Sunday, August 27 at 12 and show solidarity and support to Italian rainbow families, as well as demanding that the Icelandic government take action against this appalling development at the international level.”

Photos from Samtökin '78.
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