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Iceland: Homosexuality and the Law

  • Published: 30 July 2009


1869: The first comprehensive penal code came into effect in Iceland, based on a Danish model. Among its provisions was the criminalisation of sexual intercourse between two individuals of the same sex, irrespective of age or consent. Clause §178, which covered sexual relations between two individuals of the same sex as well as intercourse with animals, was worded as follows: “Unnatural forms of sexual intercourse are punishable by a term in prison.”

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Connecting Queers

  • Published: 23 January 2009


Facebook is the big thing online connecting people locally and globally. It´s the place to stay in touch with friends and family and reconnect with people you´ve not seen in a while. Almost everyone I know is on Facebook and new Facebook social & interest groups are being created every day.

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You stay with your friends if you can

  • Published: 07 October 2008


As the MSC of Iceland float slowly makes its way down Laugavegur Main Shopping Street during the Reykjavik Gay Pride parade, he stands tall and proud on the platform and waves to the audience. Þórir Björnssson never misses the parade, his sense of duty having been implemented as the virtue above all other virtues during his years in the Canadian armed forces. For years he has participated in the Pride-parade, always at the same spot and of course always in uniform. Ironically, though, Þórir is not always this easy to find, for he is a true cosmopolitan and has homes in London and the Canaries as well as being a regular visitor of Reykjavík to keep in touch with his friends and acquaintances.  Þorvaldur Kristinsson sat down with Þórir Björnsson for a little chat.

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Interview with Gwen Haworth

  • Published: 27 September 2008

Gwen Haworth 

Gwen Haworth the canadian filmmaker is premiering her film She's a Boy I Knew at the Reykjavik Queer Film Festival on Saturday 27. september 2008. This is an intimate and personal description of her transition from male to female (MTF) where she turns turns the camera on herself and gets her family and friends to express themselfes on this. Anna Jonna Ármannsdóttir interviewed Gwen and felt this was a superb opportunity to write from the transgender point of view. Each interview depends on both the interviewer and the person interviewed so she got a short description of me and my transition and thereby the most important thing, that she was being interviewed by a transwoman that by the way is interested in gender theory.

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Together we are much stronger than we are alone

  • Published: 30 August 2008

HMPHeimir Már Petursson has been the on the frontline in making Reykjavik Gay Pride what it is. Since first held 1999 Reykjavik Gay Pride has become much bigger than anyone dared to believe it possibly could. In 1999 appriximately 1.500 people showed up and year later over 20.000 people attended the Pride Parade and outdoor convert. And since then it has just become bigger. Gayice asked Heimir Mar Petursson, Gay Pride´s CEO about past events and the upcoming 2004 event.

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It´s like no other place

  • Published: 28 August 2008

Reed Ide 

Reed Ide finds the overall ambience of Reykjavik very relaxing, he loves the Icelandic nature and thinks that Icelanders themselves are one of Iceland's biggest assets for visitors. He´s also the author of the Getaway travel guide to Iceland, a travel book written for the gay community which offers more than just an overview of the gay scene.

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